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SHE WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. An "Aggrivated Molestation" and an attempted rape IS a sexual assault. The public record of the arrest warrant, includes an attempted rape. You can argue that because there was no penile penetration, it's technically NOT a rape, HOWEVER, it still deems sexual assault. If you don't believe me, look it up for yourself.

I just thought I'd point that out.


America's Most Wanted has an interesting update on Fr. George Chaanine. Click on the creeps that have been caught. Nasty guy, flipped out, a true nut case! He belongs in prison so that others are safe.


Checked AMW: Chaanine taken into custody without incident in Arizona.
We know from this he is still alive. We also know he was not "spirited out of the jurisdiction" by the Catholic church (as at least one person suggested) and that he remained in the general area.

We also know what the allegations are against him.

IF they are TRUE, then perhaps he IS a nasty guy who belongs in prison.

If he had had some other occupation (cop,lawyer,teacher,etc.) would you still assume the allegations had to be true ?

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