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I totally empathize with what you say.

[b]The big issue with our "dadblasted furriners" is not whether they will enrich our lives someday : given time and breathing space, they probably will – provided we can find some way to keep them from eating us alive ![/b]

I have my doubts, however, about your last statement only in reference to the Hispanic populous. My husband is Puerto Rican but born and raised in Chicago as I was. Since we moved to Virginia we are both struck by the arrogant attitude of Hispanics here.

My grandparents are from Europe and when they came to the US they embraced this country and made it their own. My father who was born overseas and came here after WWII joined the Army and is a Vet of the Korean War. They gave to this country and never expected anyone to cow-tow and speak their native tongue, nor give them a hand-out - let alone all the amenities these foreigners of late receive, especially the Hispanic people.

What I find striking is that of late these immigrants, especially the Hispanics, do not really love this country--they feel entitled to it and everything it has to offer. I do not see how they could possibly enrich our society with their poor attitudes and resentment of 'white' people--but they sure are lining their bank accounts and many are illegals.

We are a nation of laws yet we do not enforce them when it comes to immigration. It is too bad because now we really have a melting pot and the cast iron has worn thin.

BTW--I bookmarked your blog here under my blogroll at my site on blogspot. I like your blog. You are doing great! Hope you will visit mine too!

Layla [aka doll]

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