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Well thought out post. For the record I supported some form of Bush comprehensive policy.

That being said I dont feel this was our greatest hour in rational political discourse. Emotion has a place in politcs. But at times I felt I was assaulted by too many images that wanted me to FEEELL rather than to think. Also, I di have some discomfort that CIS, NumbersUSA, etc became such a source for stats and news relases in the conservative community. In the end both sides I think failed here. The issue is complex and the it takes some time to wade through the issues. Also an environment was created that was so charged that any going off the reservation was met with an onslaught. See Rep Pence.

I suppose I have mistrusted some of the leaders in the hardliner approach. Back in August we knew there was a goode the Dems could take the House. It would seem that a Harline compromise with Bush would be better than Bush compromising with the Dems in a possible Dem controlled House.To this day that stance has troubled me. I sometimes wonder too if we were being used

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